The utilization of Google SEO tools for business purposes is one of the best means of gaining immense exposure. The major mistake that business owners and webmasters generally tend to make these days is straight on invest hundreds upon thousands of dollars into the improvement of their website’s ranking. What they should instead be doing is make use of a plethora of Google SEO tools that have been presented to help you acquire better rankings for your website.

Not sure what these powerful tools really are and how they are used by digital marketing companies Dubai? Well, here are a few of the ones that you must definitely consider using:

Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool
Search engine optimization is primarily focused over keywords. The better the keyword research you carry out, the better your chances of getting highly ranked. Considering the importance held by keywords, if you do not carry our proper research over them, there is a good chance that your SEO campaign is going to face a disaster! So, what is it that you need to do to enhance your page rank? Well, for starters, it is necessary for you to focus your attention over keywords and phrases that are relevant to your website. Make sure that the keywords that you pick are associated with the niche of your business.

So, what exactly are the best keywords? Well, ideally speaking, the perfect keywords are those that are low in terms of SEO competition and very high in traffic. To be honest, it just wouldn’t be possible for you to identify the best keywords for your website without initially using a keyword research tool. This is just where the Google Adwords keyword research tool (which is offered for free) comes in! This particular tool is highly popular amongst webmasters and it is best for you to use it for your personal SEO campaigns.

Google Analytics
If you are trying your hands at search engine optimization and have opted for SEO packages, it is just about necessary for you to make use of Google Analytics. This plugin by Google needs to be installed on your website and it is going to make it easier for you to keep an eye on the activities of people that visit your website. Through this plug in, you would be able to work out the sources through which traffic is flowing in on to your website, the SEO tactics that are working well for you and those that should be abandoned perhaps.


Dubai – UAE

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021