When we talk about antiviruses then there are many antiviruses which you can get for free through the internet. The free softwares are very good in protecting your system from many threats and if you are using these for personal work then there is no need to buy an expensive plan for your system. You only need to buy an antivirus protection software when you are working commercially and your data needs to be protected immensely. When buying an antivirus, the elements that you should consider can be checked out if you look here:

Value added services: A service provider that provides you some extra value added services along with the basic plans are better than a provider which is rigid in the plans because everyone needs to get some extra in the amount they are paying. You can ask for these services if you get an option otherwise some of the service providers already mention this thing in their plans.

After sale: When you buy an antivirus then you need to know that there are two type of buying. One is through the internet one which you need to renew your subscription every month or every year and the other is that you will buy from a software house in which you need to pay only once. Both of these will be good if they provide you the facility of after sale services because many time people who get these softwares came across different problems. Sometimes they fail to correctly installing the software or the antivirus will fail to run and scan the files due to non-compatibility with the system so if your service provider is not giving you the facility to get after sale service then your money will be wasted. This is the reason that people prefer to buy form authentic and reliable sources so that they will get the assistance or get compensation in case of any difficulty.

Budget: It is immensely important that you should buy antivirus plans according to your needs and your budget. If you buy a monthly plan of $20, but you are not able to generate enough amount to pay for that software then your subscription will be failed and also you will be unable to get any other plan from the same service provider too if you fail to pay for a month. 


Dubai – UAE

Thursday, Apr 15, 2021