Voice over artists play a huge role in the digital industry then whether it is cinematic experience or simple marketing, as long as there are vocals involved, we can never ignore their importance. There are numerous examples of high profile Arabic voice over artist who leave us wondering how do they manage the job so perfectly? Don’t worry as here we have got the answer to help you also reach the same level:

  • Focus on the message

It is highly possible that you may get so lost in finding your voice that you may forget this is not the tone which you want to be aiming for. When you read out the script, focus on what kind of message it wants to deliver and being a voice over artist, no one better than you can know what different tones can do to your sound and simultaneously to the message. This could be tricky when you have to deliver a strong message in small amount of time which is why you need to keep practicing.

  • Choose the right tone

As mentioned above, tone can play a huge role in how effectively you deliver your message. There are a hundred different ways to speak out a simple paragraph – and all of them are correct but only one of them is perfect. You need to look for and choose that one perfect tone to match with the message and see the magic happen. You will be known for your voice over service just like every other top notch artist out there.

  • Be original

It is important to seek guidance from your seniors and learn how they took the path of success but it is equally important to be your own individual self and stand out. Don’t forget to put in your signature style which makes you stand out even in the crowd of hundred similar voices. Show the audience how you could be familiar yet completely unique and you will surely leave a mark on their hearts.

  • Consider the sound and image both

One of the biggest mistakes that producers may make is that they could hire a top notch voice over artist and forget to emphasis on the film itself. If the imagery is not captivating enough nothing can save the production. This is why if you see such happening, point it out.


Dubai – UAE

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021