A good song takes you on a journey. From the beginning, it promises you release and crescendos to a satisfying climax then going on to end before you have had enough. Dubai is like a good song; it’s architecture the notes that drive the melody and the culture of the people providing rhythm.

A visit to Dubai will soon unravel cultural climaxes that take the topic of aesthetics to a new level, creating the perfect selfie moments and the accompanying backdrops.

Investors have invested in many projects in the region but perhaps the most surprising, and the one that will be discussed in this article is art.

If you know a little about it, you know that Dubai has a multi-national population which means a diversity of culture. To understand the finesse of that statement is to understand their culture and to stray from the bad press that the city is artificial. In terms of art and culture, it has so much to offer.

Its Art scene is inspirational.

The trend globally has been moving away from art galleries to organizing art fairs to showcase art. Dubai has had its fair share of those and will continue to do so but the real surprise is in its ability to defy global trends. While galleries in the world are being closed down owing to the rise of the internet, in Dubai, more are being set up.

That in itself is enough to inspire. But more importantly, the galleries are not just establishments of aspiring business entrepreneurs; they have a lot to give in terms of substance. Most of them began as initiatives of people who were willing to help craft and solidify the cultural identity of Dubai which meant that there was and still is a huge diversity in the results. Some museums are such as Al Fahidi and the Dubai Museum. They have beautiful paintings, antiques, and collectibles.

Needless to say, art in Dubai is not just experienced within the confines of a museum. The very idea that it is home to the tallest building is enough to whet the appetite of anyone with an artistic bone or interest.

After you have visited museums and seen tall buildings and you begin to think that you have seen all that the city has to offer, you meet theaters and dance halls that have you regretting the thought.

The performing arts scene could not be left behind in the up-rise. There are exceptional spoken word poets, unbelievably flexible dancers, and surprisingly good actors to be found showcasing their talents.

The Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre has seen to it that these kinds of artists do not go unrecognized. It has worked hard to foster development in those fronts by rewarding excellence and talent. It has organized events all through the year towards the same end.

The cultural life of this city reverberates throughout the whole UAE region creating a footprint that many other cities can only desire.


Dubai – UAE

Friday, Sep 17, 2021